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50 years of mr men

the royal mint @ jonesmillbank

Project for the celebration of 50 years of Mr Men. The Royal Mint wanted to bring the characters to life and make fun and characterful videos that reflected the humour and purity of Mr Men.

Collaborating with the filming crew team, I created an integration style to bring the famous Mr Men and Little Miss characters into the real world. The result is a collection of three videos for each coin being released. This was a project that required a lot of planning and crossed communication between within the entre production team. from script to final delivery,

Production: JonesMillbank

Direction: Adam Millbank

Creative Direction/ Storyboard: Elsa Esteban

Filmmaking: Rob French/ Joffie Burt/ Owen Edwards

Animation: Elsa Esteban

Video Editing/ Compositing: Elsa Esteban

The Brief

creative direction/ preproduction
animation/ postproduction


IMAGES PROPERY OF JONESMILLBANK                                                                                                                                                                                    

MrMen Still005.jpg
MrMen Still002.jpg
MrMen Still003.jpg
MrMen Still004.jpg
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