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Promotional Video


Every Future Foundation is a non - profit  that was looking for an engaging video that engaged young-adults

to sign up to their brand new 6 month anti-racism activist program.

Because of the lack of previous footage to present the course, the approach taken was to integrate stock images with bold colors and textures to make it urban, young and impactful, as well as helping the audience visualise with each part covered by the program, and encourage them to take part in real change and explore their potential.

Direction: Elsa Esteban/ Lara Sengupta

Asset Creation: Elsa Esteban

Typography and Graphic Design: Hannah Crossley

Animation: Elsa Esteban
Music: Flux Vortex -Tell 'Em No




In order to bring that connection with real life issues that the teenagers from ethnic minorities face on their day to day environment and society, I worked closely with the Team at Every Future to bring up a list of real racism - related problems raised by kids attending a previous program, as well as some of the brillian solutions they came up with.. 

Some of the assets are extracts from the artwork created by the kids themselves.



Parting from the three Every Future's branding colors., a vibrant limited palette was created to align with the vibrant, punchy style. This helped simplifiying the amount of information that needed to be displayed and guiding the focal point through the narrative.

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