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JISC @ jonesmillbank

Based on Jisc's Digifest festival 2021 theme and duality of colours for that year's branding, we aimed to create an engaging set of visuals that represented the interconnection within the physical and digital world and draw both excitement and curiosity for the festival which was held online due to Covid-19.


Alongside the Jones Millbank team I created a series of visuals representing the digital world that then with the team at Jones Millbank projected on several individuals. After that I used Da Vinci to push the feeling of an ethereal space where real world and digital coexist. 

Production: JonesMillbank

Creative Direction/ Storyboard: Rob French

Filmmaking: Rob French/ Owen Edwards

Motion Graphics/ Preproduction: Elsa Esteban

Video Editing/ Compositing: Elsa Esteban/Jake Twiman

The Brief

ART direction/ preproduction

IMAGES PROPERY OF JONESMILLBANK                                                                                                                                                                                    

Jisc 2021 Still 004.jpg
Jisc 2021 Still 005.jpg
Jisc 2021 Still 008.jpg
Jisc 2021 Still 001.jpg
Jisc 2021 Still 002.jpg
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