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Brand Video



DeFi Recruitment was launching a completely new brand in the world of decentralised finance. Their target audience is young, digitally conscious and content-savvy, and to make an impact, 

'As well as establishing how and where they operate, the brand video adopted a satirical tone of voice to poke fun at traditional notions of branding. An epic, sardonic voiceover combined with a medley of animation styles and branding clichés created a video that established DeFi Recruitment as engaging, unique and creative, but also as a brand that didn’t take itself too seriously.'  - SHY GUYS

Production: Shy Guys

Direction: Ryan Biercewicz

Art Direction: Elsa Esteban

Storyboard: Leif Zix

Project Management: Anne - Marie Alexander

Motion Graphics: Ben Mitchell/ Leif Zix/ Elsa Esteban

IMAGES PROPERY OF SHYGUYS                                                                                                                                                                        

DeFi-Recruitment-Brand-Video Still006_edited.jpg
DeFi-Recruitment-Brand-Video Still 004.jpg
DeFi-Recruitment-Brand-Video Still002.jpg
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