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ciolep @ shy guys

Project for a new online tool called Beacon, which aim is to help improve mental health and disability in the workplace, focused in small businesses.
JonesMillbank was commissioned to develop a pack of animations to guide the users through the platform and help them understand its full potential. The communication with the client was key from the beginning in terms of creating an overall style that they will be using, not only on their animations, but as an overall brand. It was amazing to have the trust from the team at CIoSLEP to come up with a visual representation of such a delicate and abstract topic.

Production: JonesMillbank

Production Manager: Alderney Middleton

Visual Development: Elsa Esteban

Storyboard: Elsa Esteban

Motion Graphics: Elsa Esteban

The Brief

  Art direction/ STORYBOARD
motion graphics

CIOSLEP - Overarching v3.1.00_00_51_23.Still007.jpg

IMAGES PROPERY OF SHYGUYS                                                                                                                                                                        

CIOSLEP - Overarching v3.1.00_00_40_11.Still001.jpg
CIOSLEP - Overarching v3.1.00_00_13_20.Still003.jpg
CIOSLEP - Overarching v3.1.00_00_34_16.Still005.jpg
CIOSLEP - Overarching v3.1.00_01_07_24.Still009.jpg
CIOSLEP - Overarching v3.1.00_00_43_22.Still010.jpg
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